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Entrepreneurial Can-Do-It

July 7th, 2016

“Your opportunity to grow not only helps you, it helps the world.” ~Dennis G. Shaver

The path towards manifesting our Big Idea to become a successful entrepreneur is never completely smooth. Just ask the Wright brothers or Steve Jobs or Benjamin Franklin. So, instead of fretting that we ran into a pothole, slipped, and are now wallowing and stuck in the mud, lets talk about how you get unstuck by utilizing the right method and resources.

Think about the Big Invention Idea you’ve been dreaming of. The way you’re dreaming and imagining your Big Idea is the same way inventors, who have shaped the world as we know it today, dreamt of theirs… like the Wright brothers. Inventing, like other successes, is one that helps the world as a whole – both present and future – not just ourselves.

“But Dennis,” you might say, “I completely get what you’re saying and I want my Big Idea to make a difference in the world, but I feel so stuck! My idea is bright as day, clear as a bell, burning a hole in my brain, haunting my dreams, and I want my Big Idea to gain some traction, but nothing is happening! I’m stuck!”

The truth is, I’ve heard this a gazillion times. I even hear some of you saying it now. Right. This. Minute.

It’s normal to feel stuck, and though I can go through a detailed step-by-step process to get the right traction on your idea from the conceptual stage to reach its full potential, today I’ll start with one of the most important initial steps in getting unstuck. My three-pronged success formula will at least get you going on the right path of evolving from where you are to where you need to go.

First – Start Exactly Where You Are

Focus on today, this moment, where you are right now on that continuum spanning your Big Idea and the day your Big Idea becomes reality. Here is a key question to ask yourself: what am I tolerating? The answer to this shows you exactly where you are today.

When you identify what you are tolerating, then you will find the answer is in your question. For example, you may be tolerating others taking up too much of your time, thus not leaving enough time for you to work on your invention idea. Then when you get the time, you have to rush or end up procrastinating! The point is, either deal with what you’re tolerating and accept it, or let go of it and move on! The traction and achievements that brought you to this point are calling you to make choices and take action to move beyond where you are today. Whatever it is that has you stuck in the muck, whatever you’re tolerating, name it, describe it, own it – it’s you’re new starting point.

From this day forward, focus on what matters most to get you going again.

Second – Start With Exactly What You Have

You might have a lot, or you might have a little – either way, you’ve got something. What is it, what do you have? Maybe your Big Idea needs many things before it can become reality, and that’s okay. What do you have today that you can devote to it? Your time, your energy, your passion? Perhaps you don’t have a lot of money but you have lots of time. Maybe you only have $200, or maybe you have 200 hours. You can do a lot with $200 or 200 hours of time!

I talk about doing more with less in my book, The Entrepreneurial Incubator. In it, I talk about how, if you have $200, you can get the most out of the resources available to you to get you from where you are to where you need to be. Also, if all you have is 200 hours of time, I talk about investing that “sweat equity” to gain momentum. You’d be amazed what you can do with 200 hours if I showed you where to go to network and utilize the right resources to get you the momentum your Big Idea is waiting for.

Using what you have is the name of the game when it comes to getting unstuck Too many people shut down their success by relying on an excuse – when I have more money, I can move forward; or, when I have more time to devote to my idea, I can make progress. Don’t make the mistake of sabotaging your success this way.

Identify what that you do have – big or small – that you can invest today in your Big Idea.

Third – Start Right Now!

Don’t let another moment pass. Take what you’ve got today, put aside anxiety about tomorrow, and take action – big or small, every action counts. Take a step, start right now, and then take another one.

The only way to get unstuck from the muck is to move, starting now, from today’s starting point, using what you have right this moment. And then repeat it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

When you make the effort to identify the right resources to help you get unstuck, your Big Idea is one step closer to helping the world. The world is waiting for your Big Idea, so are you ready to let it soar?

For more information about being smart with limited resources, check out my book, The Entrepreneurial Incubator.

Onward and upward!

©Dennis G. Shaver, 2016. All rights reserved.