Become a Conduit to your
Entrepreneurial Can-Do-It

June 9th, 2016

“If it is to be in this lifetime, it’s really up to me.” ~Dennis G. Shaver

Over the years, clients have relayed to me countless stories of trying to achieve something great in their life and yet, for some reason they don’t understand, it just didn’t work – so they gave up! Or, on the way to achieving the greatness they envision, something unexpected popped up in the road before them – and they reacted, instead of responded, and now they feel derailed by their choice. Perhaps either, or both, of these scenarios match your experience. Does achieving your personal greatness now seem further out of reach than ever before?

Your potential is not out of reach; you simply need to uncover it.

Here’s how:

1. Ready

Prepare yourself to be the key and the cause of your own success, and this begins with the right attitude, thoughts and goals. Uncovering your potential starts with you. Where should you start in readying your attitude? Start with setting your goal.

Financial freedom. Making it big in your start-up. Bringing your invention idea to market. Becoming your own boss.

Whatever your goal is, hold it in mind, clearly define it, and then hug it! You now know what it is you are going to accomplish.

Then, believe in yourself.

For many people, it is not easy to comprehend that the not-so-good results they have experienced may be the result of getting in the way of their own opportunity. Believe and accept that you already have the potential inside you to turn your goal into reality. Have faith in yourself and know that if it is meant to be, it’s up to you to nourish your goal with belief and stay open for the opportunities that will come to make it a reality. If you don’t believe in your goal, why would anyone else?

2. Aim

Taking aim is about positioning yourself by planning purposeful actions. These actions keep your goal in mind, and identify the skills, abilities and resources you will need to take action. When taking aim, choose to focus on your goal, not on your disbelief. Make a plan which supports your goal, and choose to stick with it. It’s at this point that magic happens! Paulo Coelho said in his book The Alchemist:

‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.’

You bring the goal, the plan, the belief, and your innate potential, and then be prepared for opportunities to open up around you. Watch for them!

3. Act

Act on all available resources and opportunities. This is where your entrepreneurial path leads full-steam ahead towards your success.

When unexpected pitfalls arise, make a personal commitment to add your WILL POWER to YOUR POTENTIAL to keep you focused on your goal. In this way, you will be choosing responsiveness and direction over reactiveness and frustration in dealing with setbacks. The choice is always ours to make:

Dream. React. Quit.


Dream. Plan. Believe. Act. Succeed.

Set your goal, believe in you, make your choice, act on your plan, and let your potential take the driver’s seat. With these three simple steps, you will be prepared to pave the path of a successful journey. Are you ready to take aim and act?

Onward and upward!

© Dennis G. Shaver, 2016. All rights reserved.

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