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March 17th, 2020

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! In the world of business and marketing, there is no more profound way to make a first impression than with a short sales pitch commonly referred to as the elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is an introduction or offer that is accurately and compellingly given within roughly the same amount of time as an elevator ride. The principles of making a powerful first impression rest on three fundamental pillars:

•    Being clear
•    Being concise
•    Being confident

How do these principles shine a light on how to make a pitch?

Be clear: Within roughly the amount of time it would take someone to ride an elevator to their floor, your elevator pitch should be designed to effectively communicate your identity, what you do. who your work helps and how it does so.

Be concise: Time is money. If you’re talking to a CEO or someone in a position of authority, chances are you have a matter of seconds to convince them to listen to anything more you have to say. as well as to decide if they’ll remember you when they go about their business later on. To this end. the content of your pitch should be well selected. Like a party dress, it should be long enough to modestly present you. yet short enough to be attractive.

In practice, write down the 10 attributes that you believe best define you. These may include your job. your accomplishments and your ambitions for the future. Short soundbites that colorfully present you and your way of thinking are easy to remember and make you stand out in the vast pool of people pitching their ideas. Afterward, narrow down this list to only the most telling information about you. Putting off any redundant or unnecessary information will make room for your strongest traits shine even brighter. With a short compelling list of attributes, you can. afterward, draw up a sample script you can use each time an opportunity presents itself.

Be confident: In this super-compressed window you have to make an impression, mannerisms matter! Stand tall, have a firm grip when you shake their hand and smile! Remember to speak slowly, fully enunciating your words and pausing between each group of ideas. Should you hand out a card at the end of the conversation, remember to earnestly look them in the eye. encouraging them to reach out to you should they have any questions.

The efficiency of your sales pitch will ultimately depend on how often you practice and refine it The main objective is to come off as a professional while providing enough information to encourage the person to whom you are speaking to ask further questions if they are interested. Consciously adding attention getters and religiously adhering to principles of scripting and rehearsing can make the difference between someone throwing your card in the trash as soon as they leave the elevator and them calling you back in the not so distant future.

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