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September 24th, 2020

The biggest challenge for most 1st time Inventors isn’t a lack of new ideas, it’s more about knowing how to clarify IF your idea is worth taking action on or not!

Preparation and Research is key when considering taking some form of action on a new Invention Idea.


It’s important to get as much clarity as possible to see if your invention idea is ready to introduce to your potential target market buyers.

To help you at this stage, I’ve created a user-friendly metric you can use as a general guide before you decide to materialize your New Invention Idea! I coin this metric the ‘Go or No-Go To Market Guide’.

This guide can help you consider key factors that can help you better understand whether your Invention idea is worth proceeding further with or not. Most importantly, before you materialize your idea, it’s important you do as much research as possible to make sure you have scalable and market viable product potential before you spend valuable time, effort and unneeded expenses!

This guide is your Lean New Product Planning Strategy at its core. Since I like paying it forward, schedule a complimentary call to get immediate access to the ‘Go or No-Go To Market Guide’ in PDF format:

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