Become a Conduit to your
Entrepreneurial Can-Do-It

October 25th, 2019

Can LinkedIn® really help you increase sales leads to generate serious profits?

The key is to know how to get access to ‘cracking the code’ because there is endless opportunity to generate more leads, prospects and clients.

Marketing business services and products on LinkedIn is fast becoming a popular way to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

First time entrepreneurs and…those who have spent years in the trenches constantly witness hard earned dollars being expended for the right strategic advice… that falls short of quantifiable sales results. 

There are spoken and unspoken rules of best practices and etiquette that you must follow if you want to use this platform successfully.

Joining Dennis is Sally Anderson. She will share a tried and proven sales strategy today that will guarantee results!

Sally, as a veteran entrepreneur herself frankly states that she could write the book on ‘not how to do it’, having expended $100,000’s of dollars on external consultancy advice over the 18 years in her own practice. 

She speaks directly from her expansive experience and will be providing simple solutions that enable the start up entrepreneur to the most experienced guidelines on how to not only fill their sales pipeline… but sustain it!

This special Podcast provides valuable insights on how to ‘crack the code’ to get serious traction in generating quality sales leads to pave the path to profitability…using LinkedIn®  as the preferred medium.