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Our vision is to help you Empower Your Potentialto become a Conduit to your Entrepreneurial Can-Do-It.

About Dennis

President/CEO, Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker, Coach

Dennis is a vetted product development entrepreneur, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, coach, speaker and trainer. Throughout his 25 years of industry experience, Dennis’ inspiring, empowerment-based leadership message has become clarified and transformational: if it is to be, it begins with me. His approach to helping others reach their full potential is realistic and do-able. In his own experience and through helping others, Dennis appreciates and shares with listeners that becoming a conduit to your can-do-it is a choice, one each of us can make moment-by-moment.

A Foundation To Shape The Future

Dennis G. Shaver is an American product development entrepreneur,#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach with over 25 years in product development, manufacturing, and service industries. Dennis brings a wealth of inspiring and refreshing empowerment based leadership experience. From the early days of his career starting out as an hourly manufacturing employee, upon receiving his first undergraduate management degree, Dennis was eventually promoted at General Motors Truck & Bus to Production Foreman. Dennis evolved with real-life, in-the-trenches business experience with other large corporations and promoted within the ranks with PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, A.O. Smith Corporation, and The Clorox Corporation. He held key leadership positions in various management capacities for; Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, Business Development, Human Resources and Organizational Development. Dennis has also served in the capacity of President/CEO for several successful new business startups. Dennis has experienced business and leadership in the capacity of blue collar to pinstripes to power ties. He believes we have an opportunity to guide business and organizational evolution in leading others to effectively lead themselves toward a common mission and vision. It’s about empowering one the most important assets of business, people. His innate ability to engage people at every level has benefitted companies immeasurably by instilling loyalty and a can-do commitment up, down, and across organizations. Dennis is the author of the#1 Amazon Best Selling Book: The Entrepreneurial Incubator, Getting your Invention from Mind to Market. He helps avoid costly errors by first aligning aspiring inventors’ mindsets for success. From there, he outlines the key steps and fundamental resources in the form of a roadmap each “inventor-preneur” requires to reach their full entrepreneurial potential. His view as a coach and speaker is focused bringing out the best in people. Dennis appreciates, and shares with listeners, that leadership is not about tenure nor position. Leadership is about everyone at all levels. It is about empowerment, moment-to-moment choices and effectively leading others to effectively lead themselves. Dennis helps you identify a custom strategy to shift your mindset for increased capacity, growth and transformation in reaching your full potential. Dennis is known for his experienced-based common sense in being practical yet ‘stir a group’, to bring out the best in empowering people to become a conduit to their can-do-it. His fusion of real-life experiences and his conversational techniques connect with his clients and audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. Dennis was born in a family of 7 brothers on a large dairy farm in mid Michigan. Dennis received dual degrees in Business Management and Administration from Ferris State University.

Empower Your Potential

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have been moved to action by Dennis’ positive, empowering message. He is referred to as the “Entrepreneurial Conduit to Can-Do-It” guru based on his philosophy: if it really is to be in any part of our life, it first starts with me. Dennis is known for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in people, as well as his practical, common sense, engaging style. Dennis’ fusion of real-life, hands-on experiences in the corporate and entrepreneurial business world and his conversational approach allow him to connect one-on-one with audiences of all sizes at a purposeful, individual level. Dennis guides others to lead themselves based on their values towards a mission and vision, empowering one of the most important assets of business – people. His innate ability to engage people at every level has benefitted organizations in a variety of industries by instilling loyalty, empowerment and can-do commitment – attributes that have been hallmarks of his own evolving career. In his first book, a #1 Amazon Best Seller: The Entrepreneurial Incubator, Dennis hones his can-do-it message specifically for those yearning to Get their Ideas from their Mind to the Marketplace. In it, Dennis shares behind-the-scenes, industry secrets to new product innovators, demystifying the entrepreneurial journey and transforming it into tangible, actionable, efficient steps.

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